Harshit Vohra

Harshit Vohra is the Founder of HV Events & Celebrity Management with more than 6 years of experience & a degree of film making, forayed into this field. With HV, he aims to transform the way this industry is being viewed & perceived. He owns a versatile profile with extensive experience in media & entertainment sector.

He has worked with A-list artists from TV & Cinema across, be it singers or actors. He has worked for TV Shows, fiction & non-fiction, LIVE Concerts & Events, Channel / Product Launch, Short Films, Feature Films & Film Festival like MAMI With his easy going & amenable nature he never hesitates to take up the entire responsibility on his lone shoulders & swiftly executes the entire event just like a cake-walk. He deftly gives the credit for the same to his learnings. With his dynamic attitude and professional outlook, he has gained immense respect in the industry and excels in all fields he is operating. HV holds a very special place in his heart; he personally looks into each & every domain of this business. The young entrepreneur has massive potential and has taken his passion about managing renowned artist & their events to a next level by building up HV Events & Celebrity Management with experts from diverse field. Apart from his business his ethics & principles means a lot to him which he applies for his business administration. His target is to make HV, a 360 degree agency for managing talents, celebrity events & clients in the entertainment industry.